Differences Between Speaking And Writing Essay

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Spoken and written language differs depending on the context they are used. This is because the meaning differs depending on the environment. Thus, the English used in education systems is usually different from that used in family life. Culture has an impact on the language used in the different contexts. For example, students in the same class may have different pronunciation of words due to cultural interferences. The written language and the spoken language also vary within the same context. This is because people are more conscious when writing since it is permanent, “unlike speaking where the words pass without a permanent record” (Ministry of Education, 2015). This report outlines the differences between speaking and writing in various English language types.
Family Life Context
In most family homes in Australia, people communicate by use of English. Thus, children during their early years are exposed to the form of English communicated by the family members. They get accustomed to the facial expressions, and thus imitate the spoken language and the gesture. The kind of communication that takes place at homes is between children, parents, and children and parents. The formality of the spoken language is dependent on the relationship and the age of the children. In families where children have a close relationship with their parents, they tend to have personal conversation and use of informal language. Children below the age of 12 and above the age of 25 tend to foster…

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