Essay about Differences Between Speaking And Writing English

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There are many differences between speaking and writing English. There is not only the difference of properties but also a different skill set used for both (Crystal, 2005). Crystal (2005) outlines that some of the main differences between speech and writing are; Speech usually involves contributors that are present at the time of the exchange and it is momentary and active whereas writing is done when the writer and the reader are separate and may not know each other, it is fixed and long lasting. Most speech exchanges occur face to face meaning that the participants are able to rely on body language, tone and facial expressions to better understand the message the speaker is trying to get across whereas writing has no visual enhancement so the write cannot rely on any other means of communication to get their message across. Speech is a good way to articulate sentiments and opinions opposed to writing being more appropriate when documenting facts and exchanging thoughts.
Speech is the main form of communication people use to interact with each other it is used to communicate with friends, family, work colleagues, in the classroom and when out in the greater community (Fellowes & Oakley, 2014). Sociolinguistics looks at how the choice of what is said and how it is said is linked to the situation or context a person is in. It also links to the social makeup of the situation and the roles people involved play. (Emmitt, Zbaracki, Komesaroff and Pollock, 2010) It can be…

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