Differences Between Sparta And Athenian Democracy

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Unit 1
The origins of modern day democracy can be traced back to Greece particularly the cities of Sparta and Athens. Both cities flourished under the rule of the aristocrats and the wealthy but each city was totally different from one another. Sparta was well known for its militaristic rule and Athens was popular for its cultural and political climate. Both cities contributed to the birth of modern day democracy.
Political Structure of Spartan and Athenian Democracy Athens is the place where democracy was born. The ancient cities of Athens and Sparta were the birthplace of civilization. The fundamental difference between the two states is that one is an open democracy and the other one is a military dictatorship. The Spartan government had two kings at the same time who were chosen from different royal families. In this early system of government, there was an assembly of all male citizens who were supposed to legislate and make laws, and yet were powerless against the “Gerousia,” an elder council of men over 60, and the Ephors, which
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In the Spartan government, only the warriors participate in the political life. The women are not considered citizens and have no political rights. The wealthy controls the land and the slaves and non-spartans work for them. The Athenian democracy on the other hand is also ruled by the aristocrats by controlling the peoples assembly and making decisions as to what laws and decisions can be discussed by the people assembly. The very obvious difference between the Athenian and Spartan government is that the Spartan government is a military dictatorship, whereas the Athenian government is an open system that is ruled by the people. The Spartan government’s legacy is militaristic rule and tactics whereas the Athenian government patrimony is the development of cultural and political

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