Differences Between Sophie And Martine

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Register to read the introduction… Sophie does not want to leave Haiti to live with her mother. She prefers the company of Tante Marie and her grandmother. She goes to Haiti to take a break from life with her husband, who she does not enjoy having sex with. Martine, when going to Haiti to get Sophie to come back to the United States, wants to spend as little time in Haiti as possible. Her nightmares get worse in Haiti, and she tells Sophie "When I first saw you in New York, I must admit, it frightened me the way you looked" (p.169, ch. 26). On the flight back to New York Martine mentions her "discomfort with being in Haiti," adding "I want to go back there only to be buried" (p. 179, ch. 28).
What puts further stress on their relationship is that Sophie's face resembles the face of her father, who caused Martine permanent psychological distress, driving her to suicide. Since Sophie's father wore a mask when he raped Martine, Martine gives the rapist Sophie's face in her nightmares. "I did not know this man," says Martine (p. 61, ch. 8) "I never saw his face. He had it covered when he did this to me. But now when I look at your face I think it is true what they say. A child out of wedlock always looks like its father."
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She violates Sophie with the tradition of testing after she finds out about Sophie's lover Joseph. She does this by sticking her finger into Sophie's vagina to see if she has lost her virginity. In an act of rebellion to this digital rape Sophie breaks her hymen with a pestle. After failing her mother's test she will never be tested again, and her mother even kicks her out of the house so she can marry Joseph. Sophie gets what she wants from Martine, freedom, by disappointing her. Sophie says her self-mutilation was "like breaking manacles, an act of freedom" (p.

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