Essay Differences Between Societies And Societies

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4. What factors characterized the interactions of “civilized, settled” societies which were nomadic? Look at the Huns, Vikings, and the Mongols. In what ways did they values of these societies differ? Thier social structure? Thier treatment of women? Look at them in comparison to the societies they threatened such as the Romans, Charlemagne 's France, and the Kievan Russians.

The societies throughout history that are settled contrast much, but not too extensively from nomadic societies. The settled people have characteristics that distinguish themselves from nomadic peoples, but both groups have similar aspects to them. The settled peoples have developed over time and have either lived in the same area for generations, or were invading people who now own possession of the land. Settled civilizations are characterized by having a source of water, land devoted to the cultivation of crops for the population, construction works, and the religious worship of a deity or deities as well as political rulers. Societies that are settled have forms of educations and ways to educate their people, while nomadic peoples do not even have a form of writing. The social classes are not as rigid in nomadic societies as they were in settled societies. Women were treated better in nomadic societies, but similar to settled societies, they were still subjugated to men. The settled peoples are known to have higher moral standards and practice lives of good deeds unlike the nomadic people…

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