Differences Between Romeo And Juliet Play And Movie

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The Romeo and Juliet 1968 version is a movie you should watch if you are a new Shakespearean learner. This movie shows and demonstrates almost everything that you would feel if, you were to see Shakespeare put on a play. In my opinion the chemistry between all of the characters was phenomenal. It made me feel as if I was apart of the movie and saw all of this unfold in Verona. Also the comic relief that the Nurse and Mercutio supplied was phenomenal in my perspective. Also finally the locations of the scene where spectacular you felt as if you were in 1594 production of Romeo and Juliet.
The on screen chemistry between all the characters was amazing. I felt that each and every character had actually felt that between each other on-set while filming as well as off set. For example, we know that Lady Capulet and Lord Capulet hate each other and in the beginning when we met them the way lady Capulet roles her eyes at him, showed how much they actually loved each other. Another
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Also the movie did a great job at demonstrating eternal love. They were able to demonstrate of how the love of Romeo and Juliet was still there even after they died. They comic relief was fantastic and without it, the movie would be a total emotional rollercoaster. The scene that Zefferelly chose did a great job at portraying the emotion even before the actors even came out and did their job. Finally, my favorite aspect of the movie was the on-screen chemistry, it just helped me understand the movie because it just gave that connection between the actions and the lines. In general, this movie is a great interpretation of how Shakespeare wanted us to feel, and would help new Shakespearean readers understand what Shakespeare wanted us to visualize. I would recommend this movie to almost anyone, however there are some mature scenes, so you should watch at your own

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