Differences Between Religions And Religions Essay

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The world is home to many religions and faiths but there are very few religions outside the three Abrahamic religions that have been around for so long and have even close to the sheer amount of followers that the three major world religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism welcome. These three long standing religions, each with enormous amounts of faithful and dedicated adherents, have many common traits that make them look very similar when compared to each other. For example, all three faiths are monotheistic, which means they worship only one God. Also, all three faiths originate from the Middle East and can be trace down to the same root of origin, Abraham. These religions have many similarities but they are not at all the same. Each have their own version of the one true God. For example, Muslims worship the God Allah, and Jews worship the God Yahweh. On the other hand Christians believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Each of these three major Abrahamic originate from the same area, have very similar belief systems, and each having some type of holy book. The name of each religions God and what is written in each Holy book is where we begin to see major differences in beliefs, practices, and views on the afterlife which make each very unique.
The first religion we will examine is Judaism. Judaism was the first of the three Abrahamic Faiths to be established and traces its origins directly to Abraham. Beginning in the seventh century B.C.E in the Middle…

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