Differences Between Presidential Reconstruction And Congressional Reconstruction

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The Civil War and its aftermath had great impacts on Native American tribes all across the country. At the start of the war, many tribes had decided to join the Confederacy, mostly because some of their tribe members had owned slaves. Since they were apart of the Confederate States of America, the Confederacy had decided to pay all of the annuities that the Government of the United States had provided. After the Civil War, the tribes that were apart of the Confederacy were severely punished. The tribe of the Seminoles was required to sell their reservations and then had to go buy a new piece of land somewhere else. Most of the other tribes were told to give up half of the territory that they had in Oklahoma. The land there would become a reservation …show more content…
One of the main differences between presidential Reconstruction and congressional Reconstruction was that the presidential Reconstructions were a lot more lenient toward the southern states that were apart of the Confederacy. Due to the Radical Republicans within Congress during this time, they did not like this one bit. Congress would go on to overrule President Johnson and implement a very harsh variety of Reconstruction. President Abraham Lincoln wanted to bring all states back together to have a nation that all together. He wanted to bring bake the states that had seceded, and bring them back to the Union. Lincoln thought this would be a good way to heal the wounds from the Civil War and wanted to be a bit easier on the South. Mostly because the Southern states had lost a lot during the war, and now they were struggling to get back on their feet. Most of their men had fought and died in the Civil War, so it was hard for the women in the south to get a hold of the jobs and working on the farms. Trying to provide for their families was getting increasingly harder. Also they didn’t really have a main export anymore since many countries were finding other ways of getting cotton. Countries started getting cotton from other places such as Egypt, mostly because it was of more quality and was a lot nicer than the cotton that the south was producing. Lincoln’s plans were to all the southern states that had left the Union to reenter as long as ten percent of the people who had voted in the 1860 election are swore in under an oath of allegiance to the United States of America. During this time the Radical Republicans were not very satisfied with this idea. Radical Republicans were mostly upset and angry with the South because they had implemented the black codes. Codes

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