Essay about Differences Between Poverty And Inequality

1441 Words Jan 15th, 2016 null Page
With the rise in concern for both poverty and inequality, along with subsequent ploy measures implemented in recent years, there has also been greater attention given to the issue of the underclass, or similar concepts describing a specific group perceived to be at the bottom of society. While there is substantial commentary on the underclass from various perspectives, it is important to consider its significance not just as a concept in itself, but also in terms of its relation to more traditional ideas of the poor. Namely, there are some key similarities and differences between the two in that while both the poor and the underclass are similar in terms of access to resources, there are contrasting ways in which membership is determined for each group, as well as the popular perceptions of their values and the cause to which their associated characteristics and behaviors are attributed. To begin, it should be recognized that while the poor and the underclass are frequently addressed as though they were inherently separate, the concepts still produce a significant overlap in the populations associated with each. Superficially, both groups have similar economic capital in that they tend to have low or unstable income, little to not wealth, and a lack of access to necessary resources. For instance, both the poor and those in the underclass will typically be associated with conditions of having problems securing adequate housing, heavy debt, or reliance on government…

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