Differences Between People And Their Cultures Essay examples

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There are more than 7 billion people on this planet known as Earth. Each of these people belong to a culture that distinguishes them from the people that not only immediately surround them, but live vast distances away from them as well. I would like to note that not every culture is a polar opposite from another, some cultures may be very similar in their views and values which can lead to cultural growth or tension between different cultural groups. At any rate, I decided to delve deeper into understanding the differences between people and their cultures and how they are perceived during an interview that I conducted with my classmate Fatima. During our interview I learned of many differences between her culture and my own, stemming from how and where we were raised in relation to how we both ended up attending George Mason University. Some of the differences between Fatima and I are roles that we play in our families, the careers we chose to pursue, hobbies and interests while growing up, and our journey to becoming students at George Mason University. Fatima and I both could be considered a part of the individualist culture as we both value our successes and the influences and impressions that we leave for ourselves on other people and our families. I would consider Fatima and myself as a part of low-power distances cultures because we come from families where the relationship between us and our parents is one of interdependence. We are not limited to the cultures in…

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