Essay about Differences Between Old And New

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Between racism and acceptance. Between old and new. Between the EU and the U.S. In all things Britain performs this balancing act. An act that often, more often not, than to edges into hypocrisy. They proclaim “Chicken Tikka Massala is now a true British national dish,” all the while alienating and pushing out the Indian population that created said dish. They are all too happy to wholly accept white immigrants,but push against non-white immigrants. Purely on the color of their skin. Continued reference to the “pink world” is no doubt a call to the skin color of Britain’s national identity. This phrase was used, not only in Alibhai-Brown, but also in Rushdie’s “The New Empire Within Britain”; “pink conquerors," “Great Pink Age.” This pink world is a world where the seemingly all-encompassing ‘You’ or ‘They’, in actuality refers to only white Britain. This exclusion from the political mainstream (among other exclusive practices) makes progress towards a cohesive cultural identity all the more impossible. Some are more explicit in their hatred and rejection of the citizen other, while the more common middle class folk are less so but still just as piercing in their “[asking] you always where you come from.” “Creators, developers, and changers of public life and attitude are the political leadership, media and educators.” With limited access to political policies aimed at them non-white populations are already at a disadvantage when it comes to changing national attitudes. And…

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