Differences Between Netflix And Netflix

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Netflix Netflix has become a normal form of relaxation for the average family in today’s world. Research has shown that 9 out of 10 families have some sort of cable and many of them happen to have Netflix. Reed Hasting started the company back in 1997, when he experienced an outrageous late fee after returning a movie from one of the video companies. He figured he could give people what they really desired from the comfort of their own home with less hassle. Since then Netflix became a competitor to other rental stores such as Blockbusters and Hollywood Video. After a few years Redbox arrived on the scene causing revenue for both Blockbusters and Hollywood video to decline. With the decline in revenue it caused the two video retailers to …show more content…
Just to compare a few, Hulu has similar services as Netflix. However Netflix has the widest selection of movies new and old. Hulu has a service called Hulu Plus with you this service a consumer is offered a larger collection of the TV shows that are in current season, but their movie selection is a lot smaller. Netflix movies come with no ad interruptions where Hulu plus has them. Netflix and Amazon both offer a free trial month to try their services. Amazon has been reported as one that has the weakest presentation of the three. According to consumers feedback finding the content is not always that easy. While Amazon also offers ad free TV shows, Amazon doesn’t have the library that Netflix offers. Amazon library reporting in at 40,000 TV shows and Netflix reporting in at over 100,000 TV shows.
While Netflix does have an advantage over the others there are a few threats that Netflix has to deal with. One is the cost of programming. The company reported spending over $1.35 million per episode on one of the shows offered. That is a huge expense. Because of high cost programming and bidding wars, this can cause an increase in cost for the

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