Netflix Research Paper

Netflix Netflix has become a normal form of relaxation for the average family in today’s world. Research has shown that 9 out of 10 families have some sort of cable and many of them happen to have Netflix. Reed Hasting started the company back in 1997, when he experienced an outrageous late fee after returning a movie from one of the video companies. He figured he could give people what they really desired from the comfort of their own home with less hassle. Since then Netflix became a competitor to other rental stores such as Blockbusters and Hollywood Video. After a few years Redbox arrived on the scene causing revenue for both Blockbusters and Hollywood video to decline. With the decline in revenue it caused the two video retailers to close their doors. This made way for Netflix to really expand. Netflix is an easy choice, being that it is easy to use and very affordable. You can pretty much watch Netflix …show more content…
My only frustration is the inability to effectively browse for movies and/or television shows by category. The only option is the banner that is placed on the home screen. I may not want to watch something related to my banner. Currently, I will search the internet for Netflix offerings. This method has its drawbacks simply because the information is not current. Perhaps Netflix could have complete database via the web.I have both Amazon Prime and Netflix and I am finding myself watching more Prime then Netflix because the shows are more current and easier to find.
As a consumer, Again I love Netflix it is easy and affordable. My family can access it anywhere. That makes life easy for me. And its under $15.00 which I don’t even notice that amount coming out of my bank account. I would recommend that Netflix offer more TV shows within season. This will shut down all of the competition. Being a season behind just doesn’t work for some people. This will not only attract new customers, but it will keep the old customers happy as

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