Differences Between Mixed Sex Coaches And Same Sex Teams Essay

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According to this categorization, it is found that there are no specific variant speech patterns between mixed-sex teams and same-sex teams. Yet, we can see that in Gal & Liel 's team, the indirect interaction styles were frequently used by a female racer. Some female team members inclined to ask questions such as ‘Do you want me to do it’ before making this choice. Some research claimed that the common usage of questions in discourses has been attached with women’s speech (Coates, 1997; Freed, 1996; Weatherall, 2002). Talbot (2003) claimed that such common use of questions is an indication of recklessness and weakness. Moreover, Holmes & Stubbe (2003) identified that questions may execute multiple purposes. Therefore, the frequent usage of questions in speech does not inevitably imply that women are hesitant and weak. In this race, the female team members asked questions which intentionally meant looking for some harmony or clarity with their teammate. The character of self-assured and clear-minded female racers in this reality show substitutes stereotypical images of femininity as women lacking the power to perform physically and not having the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.
Talbot (2003) suggests that one of the purposes of indirect questions is to evoke reactions from the listener and by asking questions like this, the speaker anticipates getting a reaction from the listener. Tom asked Uriel an implicit question: "והקור, מה איתו?" Uriel 's answer:…

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