Essay on Differences Between Men And Women

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Findings To understand the relevance of meaning in explaining differences between men and women in driving and related behaviors, it is necessary to consider some of its essential principles.
Today, risk-taking men are still seen as more attractive by women – a more suitable opportunity to father their children who will be protected from the consequences of inappropriate engagement in risk primarily by women. It is clear from the evidence that substantial differences between the sexes exist in the context of aggression, sensation-seeking and risk-taking and in tendencies toward rule violation. These express themselves in driving behavior as much as they do in other areas of life. The remaining question concerns the origins of these clear differences . Much of the literature on risk-taking associates it more with men across a broad range of activities, including driving (Dabbs, and Morris, 1990). An area of focus studied to explain gender differences has been the role of hormones, including levels of testosterone. The higher levels of testosterone found in men compared with women have been correlated with risk-taking and sensation seeking, as well as aggression and conflict. Statistics collected by insurance companies and federal safety regulators consistently reveal gender-based differences in driving behavior. Women are more likely to be involved in accidents based on slips or lapses (like distracted driving) while men are more likely to have accidents…

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