Batman Begins Film Analysis

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The horror and hallucination factor of the first film is greatly decreased in the second. In Batman Begins Scarecrow uses a toxin on his victims that makes them hallucinate and see horrifying things such as a horse breathing fire and monstrous versions of characters’ faces. In the second film there is nothing like this. The most horrifying thing in The Dark Knight is the appearance of the burnt face of Two-Face. Christopher Nolan could have done this to attract younger audiences and leave more of the violence to imagination.
Gotham and many of the locations change significantly from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight. In Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan introduces us to the Arkham Asylum, the Narrows, Wayne Tower, and the Wayne-funded public railway system as well as Wayne Manor but in The Dark Knight these places are almost inexistent in the film. The only outside location we come across is an office building in Hong Kong. In Batman Begins we are introduced to the temple of the League of Shadows. This could be to make the viewers see how much Batman has sacrificed and lost. And also help us concentrate on the actions of the characters and the plot.
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The first action scene, scene 1, is from Batman Begins; it is when the
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The other mood scene, scene 4, is from The Dark Knight; it is when Bruce Wayne and his date have dinner with Rachel and Harvey. In scene 3 there is loud, happy music in the background and the lighting of the scene is a lot brighter. This makes the scene for joyful and cheerful. In scene 4 there is quiet music and a dimmed lighting making the scene a bit more serious. Both scenes have medium and close up shots to show the emotions of the characters. Both scenes 3 and 4 have mostly close up shots of Bruce Wayne to express his emotions to the

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