Essay on Differences Between Males And Males

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Unlike Wood’s descriptions of typical gendered kinesics and proxemics behavior, I found that females used larger motions when interacting than males did. Females generally used a lot of hand gestures to accompany their verbal messages and tended to perform those gestures at the same level as their head. I found it interesting that the majority of these gestures were performed right at the upper body level because I found it to be rather intrusive to the other people in the conversation. It can also come off as distracting because some females constantly used hand gestures so it would put on quite a show right next to their faces when talking. Males typically had a more relaxed posture than females, but there were many instances where males were sitting with a proper posture.
When observing, I also noticed a cultural difference and age difference in nonverbal communication. I encountered several interactions with older males and females, who appeared to be faculty. In an interaction with older males, they were holding a conversation, but were sitting a seat away from each other on the same side of the table. One of the older men sat with his arm extended to the other man he was talking to, which was something that I did not see at all amongst interactions with younger males. The men generally interacted the same nonverbally as age increased, but I found that the older men nodded their heads in agreement more than younger men. Older females generally acted the same as younger…

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