Differences Between Male Physicians And Women Essay

1135 Words Dec 9th, 2016 5 Pages
In reading these chapters I understand that the differences and similarities between male physicians and women physicians have many different viewpoints from both sides. The male and female medical practices both have different viewpoints on working with patients and also different communication strategies they use that may not work affectively with some patients. In reading this essay I found that studies show that men are not sensitive to women and miss guide their treatment while diagnosing their illness or problem. In the female practice of medicine I studied that patients tend to be missing the “Authoritve” figure when a female physician is diagnosing their problem or issue. In medicine I understood after reading this essay that females and males have similar practices they use on patients and also different practices; however these practices towards women sometimes can be found sexist against men because the way they talk or treat the female nurse of physician. In writing this essay I wanted to look at certain factors that go argue the difference’s female and male physicians have while dealing with medical practices and also how they work together and get the job done dealing with medical practices. In reading getting to know about the male practice and the male physicians the essay provided detail about studies showing how male’s sensitivity wasn’t good in dealing with women. An example was provided in the essay about a woman having heart problems and the male…

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