Differences Between Male And Women Essay

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From a young age, I remember hearing different things containing something to the fact that girls and boys are different. Whether it was boys being stronger, or girls being smarter. As I grew older though, I started to hear the argument of males and females being equal and that we should be treated the same. Well, after doing personal research I have found some interesting differences between the two sexes. There are very obvious physical differences, but it also applies to our behavior.
If you were to tell a story in a room full of men and women, then ask them to give a re-cap of what took place, you would find that generally the guys would get straight to the point while the girls would recall the story in more detail. The process of how
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It actually has to do with our sensitivity. If you are a female reading this, have you ever thought of yourself a bit weird or clingy for wanting to talk about deep things, or share an emotional experience with your boyfriend/husband? Not because that is unusual, but because he finds that maybe uncomfortable or overwhelming? Well, great news, you are not alone! Women feel closer through communication and intimate experience. As to where men feel closer by competition, sports, outdoor and sexual activities. Men want to feel like " The Man " and enjoy feeling appreciated, respected and acknowledged. Women often go about telling their spouse what they need in a poorly manner. For instance, if he works a lot or is just not home very often a woman might say " you are never home ",or " why aren 't you ever home? ", but instead of the negative feel, she could say " I love it when you are home " , it leaves a better feel to the atmosphere. Pointing out the fact that he is not meeting your needs is less helpful rather than just telling what you need. He will accept that more than nagging him at what and where he is failing.
Female psychologist, Tamara McClintock, says that while she is counseling women or couples she often hears from the wives that they feel that their husband does not care or that they are feeling unheard in the situation because their husband wants to offer advice instead of just simply listening
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Early in life the difference between our aggression is seen, starting from the age of 2 to 2 1/2. While researching, I have found that men are more likely to engage in physical aggression while girls are involved more in verbal aggression. Also, nonverbal signs of aggression such as eye rolling, ugly facial expressions, and ignoring are seen more in girls than boys. "Boys carry weapons and engage in physical fighting at rates double that of girls" ( Donald Meichenbaum Ph.D. ) It has been noticed that boys will make up with other boys much quicker after a fight as to where females take longer to make up with other girls after a

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