Differences Between Love And Money

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Money represent more than dollars to pay for the food we buy or to pay our bills. Money is powerful; especially, on marriage, if a guy did not spend so much money on the girl usually it means he is cheap and he is not working well on the relationship. Many of us think women after marriage should be spoiled with expensive stuff. There is no right way for couples to manage their money but there are plenty of wrong ways. It starts from dating and it does not stop, the cost of the wedding plan, they relate themselves to filthy rich people, when money is tight relationship is rocky, and the worse of them all is using love for money or they use marriage for money. People do not understand what is the different between love and money. I do not know …show more content…
In fact, Australia and America are both core countries which means the richest countries in the world and their costs is about the same. Parker in the article tells us that the wedding cost is about the same as buying a house or a car. Also, Jennifer Michael a wedding planner that Parker reviewed talked about how people spend so much just to show off for their guests and it really is waste of money. Many people want that “wow” from their guests. Most of their money goes on the food, drinks, music and the size of the bridal party. Michael explained how couple focus on this big day like it is the last day of their lives and warns people to not overlook on other cultures way of celebration because it could be costly.
Kathy Apostolidis, another wedding planner from Nightingales Parker had a review with. She advised couple to not overwhelm about their guest and be afraid that they would go home hungry because they did not like the food they were offering. She says to do a budget list and actually follow it and to put the money on something that matter. Saving that much money to put on a house or a car it would be much more useful and it is the right way to start the marriage because if there is no money from the start it would cost many problems for the
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News, December 4, 2015. This article is a good example to use to show how couple thinks that divorce is solve of the problem. Fighting about money issues can cost a failure of the marriage which couple most of the time think it is the right thing to do. I think this could be the way to solve the problem because money comes and go, breakdown the marriage would not solve the mastery. However, the article gives a good example of couple that whoever breakdown their marriage because they cannot tight their expenses and only spend money on what they need their issues is selfishness, pride and control.
For instances, the last four months my husband start planning on a store that he wanted to open. I supported him but he told me it will be one issue and that issue would be the tightness on money. I worked while he worked for his business without a pay job, I paid for our expenses for a while, but we worked our way out. Now his store is working well and he is taking care of things better than

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