Essay on Differences Between Language And Language

1001 Words Dec 18th, 2015 null Page
There are several languages around the world, so if someone has a chance to learn more languages, then they should try to learn them. Language is used to communicate with others, but if a person does not know the other person’s language, then that person can’t communicate with them. Instead of learning a language, some can forget a language. A person coming from a different country to America might fail to recall their native language, if they only try to speak English. A person should practice both languages because that is a part of their identity. It doesn’t matter if some people don’t like the language a person may speak because all that matters is really what you think. Over time society has transformed and has come to know many new languages. People are now used to certain languages and the numerous words that come with it. If a person has a chance to pick up a new language then they should take it, and acquire it. I am from Pakistan and the language that most people in Pakistan speak is called Urdu. I was not older than 5 years old when my family and I moved from Pakistan to America. I was young, but I could speak Urdu. This changed when I started going to school in America. English was the main language in America and that is what almost everyone spoke at school. As I kept learning English, the more I forgot Urdu. I didn’t notice that I was losing my native language, my mom was the one that noticed. When I lost the capability to speak Urdu, I lost a portion of…

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