Jim Crow Vs Mass Incarceration Analysis

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Through pathos, Alexander attempts to emotionally persuade readers that there is indeed a new caste system in the united states of America and that of which strives to cause discrimination and corruption among communities, Alexander continues to liken both Jim crow and mass incarcerations to one another “several of the most obvious similarities between Jim Crow and mass incarceration” (Alexander 112) as she believes both shares “similar political origins” (Alexander 112) that the system of mass incarcerations is a similar caste system to the Jim crow through the way it focuses on discriminating certain individuals in society, based on color, beliefs, and race. She stresses that “The nature of the criminal justice system has changed. It is no …show more content…
Michelle Alexander uses constant repetition of the words “race” and “colorblindness” such as “When will we (finally) become a colorblind society? The pursuit of colorblindness makes people impatient” (Alexander 138). “Color blindness” Which is written in a bold figure in order to emphasize its defining role of the whole justice issue that looms throughout America as of today. Michelle feels that “colorblindness” which is ironically is the act of disregarding race, religion or color when treating individuals might be a causing factor to racism in America as it tends to individualize conflicts and shortcomings while in fact taking away the uniqueness of races which causes further problems. This is seen today with movements Black Lives Matter movement that aims to address justice issues against African Americans, however, it has unfortunately caused a backlash with other communities hence increasing violence in America. The repeated use of “race” such as “the widespread belief that race no longer matters” (Alexander 141). “A belief that all blacks belong in jail would be incompatible with the social consensus that we have “moved beyond” race and that race is no longer relevant.,” (Alexander 141) highlights and emphasizes the irony and hypocrisy to the concept of race within regards to the issue. Michelle Alexander feels as it is not a coincidence that so many black people are being put to jail for relatively minor offenses, contrary to the belief of others. She feels race is a deciding factor in justice issues we say today and the fact that many lives are being lost as a result of their decent is deemed as unacceptable. Michelle alexander hits back at critics that claim race is not a

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