Differences Between Islamic And Christian Worship Essay example

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Many cultures and religions partake in some general form of “worship.” The concept of worship, and what that means, however, takes shape in many different ways as one examines one culture from a different culture. Growing up in a Christian family, I have a lot of experience with the complexities of worship even just within my denomination of Christianity. When examining Islamic worship, and comparing it to the concepts of worship I have come to hold, I see many similarities and differences. Islamic and Christian worship both have similarities in manner by which worship is to be expressed, and the words that are said to God. However, the two concepts of worship in these religions are fundamentally opposites. My experience with worship begins at a very young age. Growing up in the church, I was exposed to many different forms of worship. As a child, there were two main forms of worship that I was exposed to: worship from the children’s ministry, and worship in a traditional corporate setting. The children’s ministry worship was much different than the corporate worship. We would sing songs that had a simple and easy to understand Christian message for the chorus. Jesus Loves Me is one that I have specific memory of singing on multiple occasions. The chorus of the song repeated “Yes, Jesus loves me” three times, then ended with “The bible tells me so” (Warner). The verses, however, were a bit more difficult to understand, and didn’t hold much meaning for me as a child because…

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