Differences Between Healthcare And Social Care Essay

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Differences between healthcare and social care in the welfare state

Health and social services in the United Kingdom, as in many other countries worldwide, provide a vast range of services for individuals that require continuing or ongoing health or personal care needs. However, there is a clear and distinct difference between the two, and this is in relation to government funding. NHS or the National Health Service is a government funded service and thus a patient that requires continuing health care will receive these services completely free of charge. Social care on the other hand is currently a means-tested service, and therefore an individual requiring social care may find that they have to pay partially or in full for these services. (British Geriatrics Society, 2004)
The difference in funding is a result of some poorly defined definitions of what exactly constitutes a health care service compared to that of social care. The definitions, as stated in the 'The National Framework for NHS-CHC-NHS-FNC-Nov-2012.pdf ' (Department of Health, 2012) document, which can be found on the Gov.uk website attempt to outline the differences between both care services; although the text itself proves to be ambiguous and contradictory:
"Whilst there is not a legal definition of a healthcare need (in the context of NHS continuing healthcare), in general terms it can be said that such a need is one related to the treatment, control or prevention of a disease, illness, injury or…

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