Differences Between Health Care With White People Versus Black Americans

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Racial and ethnic minorities tend to receive lower quality healthcare than non- minorities. The disparities tend to be deep rooted and very complex because of the layers of inequities. It involves socioeconomic barriers of many different sources. These would include race, religion and economic status to name a few. It acknowledges that black and minority ethnic populations have, until now, experienced poorer health and economic barriers while accessing certain services. Research indicates different cultures and language barriers also present a complex challenge in changing the barriers of these disparities. Making the changes necessary to start closing the gaps for these groups has become an important priority and a difficult challenge for the United States Government. There has been documented proof that there are significant differences in health statuses between health care with white people versus black. Whites are 78 percent more likely than African Americans to receive certain treatments after heart procedures. A black American must wait up to twice as long to receive kidney transplants. More African American women die of breast cancer, mortality rate in infants is 2.5 times greater than white and Hispanics and African Americans are more likely to die from diabetes than whites. Why are these numbers so extreme? We will discuss the reasons for such cultural minority differences.
The socioeconomic disparities of…

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