Differences Between Hamlet Movie And Movie

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In many different ways, typically the story is much different than the movies that are based off of the stories. That being said, Hamlet is no exception to this theory. The movie starring Mel Gibson follows the story line pretty well for the most part. However there are some major changes to make the movie attract to more of a variety of audiences. It shows many things in which the play does not. Hamlet is a story of a son of the son of a king that is trying to avenge his father’s untimely passing. The ghost of his father (King Hamlet) appears one night while two guards are on duty. When they see what they think is a ghost, they immediately run to inform Horatio. Horatio and the guards went to let Hamlet know. Hamlet wanted to see for himself if they were speaking the truth. The next night he went searching for the ghost of his father. When he first finds the ghost, his father tells him exactly what happened and how he died. His father informs him that his brother was the one who killed him. He asks if Hamlet could seek revenge for him. Hamlet goes on to try and kill Claudius. While reading the text of the play, during the opening scene the two guards see what appeared to be Hamlet’s father’s ghost one night. When they think they see this they let Horatio know. From there
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The play begins with the guards standing guard with Horatio awaiting for the arrival of the ghost of the former King Hamlet. The movie starts off with the burial scene for King Hamlet with Queen Gertrude sobbing because she was burying her late husband. While the whole scene is going on Claudius which is Hamlet’s brother was giving a speech. Another thing you notice is that when Hamlet gives his famous “To Be or Not To Be” speech, he gave it with an internal dialogue. This is meaning that he did not say it out loud and that he thought to himself about

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