Grimm Brothers Vs Cinderella Analysis

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There’s always two sides to a story, in this case these stories are fairy tales Original and traditional, the Grimm brothers and Disney. With two sides of one story there's going to be similarities and also differences. When you read some Disney stories and compare them to the original version you will find that original fairy tales written by the Grimm Brothers are more targeted towards an older audience then little kids because their more violent than Disney, both versions show royalty as picture perfect, and both stories have an evil character that affects the princesses life in a dramatic way. Some stories that were compared were Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Tangled, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, both the original story …show more content…
In Cinderella there’s an evil stepmother and stepsisters who try and steal her chances of finding true love by not allowing her to attend the ball and forcing the slipper fit to run off with her prince. Snow White has an evil stepmother who’s a witch and wants her dead shown in the Grimm Brothers “Kill her, and bring me back her lung and liver as a token”, this shows that her evil stepmother not only wanted her dead but her liver and lung for a token so that not only would she remember that day but also later on ate it. in order for the witch to become the fairest in the land, Ariel or the Little Mermaid encounters an evil sea witch in order to become human and she does has Ariel pleases but in her own way makes it almost impossible for The Little Mermaid to survive in the end, and lastly in both original and traditional, Hansel and Gretel found a witch when trying to seek shelter and later on tries to eat them. Each of these fairytales show that there is an evil character seeking something more than just a piece of hair or clothing but a physical characteristic of that one princess or child. In conclusion there’s always two sides to a story or two sides to a fairytale. There were some scenes and details that stayed the same and some that were different. In both original fairy tales are more adultish and violent than Disney, both versions show royalty as picture perfect, and lastly these fairytales all have an evil character that affects the princess’s life in a dramatic

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