Essay about Differences Between Free Choice Marriages

1700 Words May 14th, 2016 null Page
This literature review will focus on the differences and similarities between free choice marriages in the U.S. and arranged marriages in India. Concepts that will be looked at with greater detail are: how love emerges and marital happiness in India, wellness and satisfaction in both India and the U.S., mate selection among younger generations, and how social institutions affect the decision of arranged marriage among the youth. These two cultures both have very different beliefs and ideas on how marriage works properly. The research being done has the intent to help us become more accepting towards each other’s reasoning on marriage and to provide a better understanding on why each culture choses to accept the marriage traditions in which they participate in. The studies also provides a greater knowledge and benefit when working with people who come from different backgrounds. This is especially helpful to those who work as therapists, social workers, counselors, and others since having a more knowledgeable understanding of diverse culture’s traditions and norms improves your ability to work with those clients.
When looking at Western traditions and beliefs towards marriage, the term love is already a requirement of marriage. Those who marry in the U.S. carry more subtle traditions and beliefs that you must choose to marry someone you truly love. When looking at arranged marriages in India, though love isn’t the first component in a marriage, it doesn’t exclude love all…

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