Differences Between Female And Female Essays

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Communication, for both men and women has significantly changed over the past decade. Many can agree, like myself, that gender plays no role when it comes to verbal, non verbal or even online communication. The way both female and male communicate are rather similar in today’s progressive society. We can see these changes in a classroom setting, in relationships and even on social media. When it comes to communication, everyone has a message they 'd like to be heard. For both male and female, that message is made clear in similar ways. In terms of orally speaking, such as in a classroom setting, women have now made themselves more outspoken and opinionated like many men. In “Women Talk Too Much” by Janet Holmes she says, “Classroom research suggests that more talk is associated with higher social status or power”. While that may have been true in 1998, today we notice that those who talk more in a classroom setting don’t speak for hopes of reaching a higher status, instead they speak because they are either knowledgeable or confused on a subject. In my Linguistics class both male and female are both experiencers of communication. Not too long ago the professor asked the students in the room to answer a question that was on the overhead. Immediately almost every hand went up, however she began by choosing a young gentleman who got the answer partially wrong. She then called on a young woman and asked if she could help fix the other students mistake. To her knowledge she…

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