Essay about Differences Between Evangelicals And Catholics

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The word “saint” evokes many different images in the mind of men and women from all different sorts of religious backgrounds. Some people think of saints as someone acting in a particularly good or moral way in a specific moment in time, such as when a mother exclaims to another “your child is such a saint!” Others associate saints like Saint Valentine and Saint Nicholas as cartoonish figures that represent their related holiday, while others still have a medieval and archaic image of men and women walking around with Bibles in their arms and halos hovering over their heads. Yet, to Catholic Christians, saints have played a very active and very important role in the piety of a believer. However, this sentiment is not held by all Christians. In fact, the role of saints has been a controversial subject among Evangelicals and Catholics and centuries, with neither side willing to concede that they might be wrong in their view of saints. Four common questions that arise out of this controversy between Evangelicals and Catholics are: what is a saint and/or what qualifies someone to become a saint, what does the role of saints look like in the Catholic Church, what does intercessory prayer of the saints look like and it is biblical, and is intercession necessary with Jesus as our High Priest? Evangelicals have long held to the view that saints are nothing more than ordinary people, while many have viewed the Catholic Church as considering saints to be beings to be worshipped.…

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