Differences Between Egypt And U.s. Essays

1940 Words Oct 21st, 2016 8 Pages
People might see that the education is in the same level around the world, but that is wrong. If the education is the same, you will not see a lot of people come to the U.S. to study. We all know that U.S. has a perfect education from all sides. So we can see a big difference between Egypt and U.S. in education. We can find two similar things between Egypt and U.S. and it’s the materials, and the diversity. However, it’s not usual. We can see differences in university facilities that U.S. is better than Egypt, instructors more likely to have a good relationship with the students in U.S. In the U.S the education is tougher than Egypt, and U.S. is better than Egypt in a lot of additional things like the online education and the diversity is valued. We can find only one similar thing and it’s the materials. I think that works for the universities materials, not the high and elementary school. Maybe the basics in the schools is similar but not the whole courses. When you go to a university you decide a major, so you study the basics of this major, then the basics of all the majors have to be the same. For example, I was in a university in Egypt, and I took sixty-three credit hours there. When I came here, I transferred all my credits because I took the same materials. Now I’m continuing what I started because I took two classes of math and economics and they counted them in Central Michigan University. Some people apply for master’s program, and the university tell them that…

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