Differences Between Domestic And International Terrorism Essay

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Abstract This paper discussed the differences between domestic and international terrorism. It identified some of the factors that contribute to the increased threats in domestic terrorism. This paper revealed that differences of opinion by some administrators within the criminal justice system as to what a true terrorist act is defined as complicates the investigation of terrorist acts. Finally, this paper discussed how the role of the criminal justice system must be modified to better work to curtail terrorist acts. Increased communications, improving relationships within the Arab-American communities, and learn from past terrorist acts were discussed.

Terrorism A terrorist act can occur anyplace at anytime, domestically or internationally. The carnage that occurs as a result of these acts leave governments and communities in chaos, the loss of human life, and destruction to infrastructures. Being able to respond to terrorist acts requires a solid understanding of terms, and the roles and responsibilities of those charged with investigating, prosecuting, and preventing such acts.
Difference between foreign and domestic terrorist threats
According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (n.d.), domestic and international terrorism have three components that make up their definitions. Both international and domestic terrorism violate state or federal law and involve violent or dangerous acts against human beings (FBI, n.d., para. 1). In addition, both types of…

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