Differences Between Dialects And Vocabulary Essay

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Dialects and accents are two concepts which people may think as the same concept sometimes. However, they are not so. Accents are closely linked to the pronunciation of a specific language and it is a characteristic of it whereas dialects exist when there is a noticeable difference within the vocabulary and grammar a person uses. Dialects refer to the syntax and lexicon whereas accent is tied to phonological variation. Accents can just help identifying one’s race, country of origin, etc. On the other hand, although in a stereotypical way, dialects contribute to character which in turn can help one distinguish one’s personality, ethnicity and positions in society. This can be seen in the Walt Disney clip of Aladdin. Syntax, morphology, lexicon and phonetics all help to distinguish one’s dialect from another. One such character that stood out to me was Jafar who disguised himself as the old man and did a good job at it as well. In terms of phonetics, the study of speech sounds, when Jafar starts talking to Aladdin, he uses a deep low-pitched voice and continues on with this (0:06-1:10). If u listen close enough, you can notice the cut-offs. This can be caused by such age portrayed in the video. The syntax is also distinguishable among the characters. Certain slang word, also tied with lexicon, is used. For example, the old man pronounces ‘together’ as ‘togetha’ which helps identify him as someone of old age, born in the past and not used to pronouncing the whole word (0:15).…

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