Essay about Differences Between Developing And Developing Nations

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My take on the differences that exist between developed and developing nations fundamentally remains the same as it had before the viewing of this series. Ultimately, these beliefs remain consistent and this series delivers a perspective that, though new to me, still serves to reinforce my basic take on this. That is, that disparities in development and stability of nations, is not contingent on any differences in intelligence among the respective populace of nations, but rather it came down to a chain of events that proved to serve them differently. The outcomes of their success with development are based mostly on differences in circumstance and geography, little of which seemed to be in their foresight or control. In light of this and after viewing video 5, differences between developing and developed nations, that I have deduced, include that a developed nation is an economic category that can generally be categorized as countries that are more industrialized and have higher per capita income levels than developing nations-which is another economic category; the populations of developed countries are generally more stable than that of developing nations, and it is propounded that developed nations will grow at a steady rate; developed countries exhibit a high level of development, whereas developing nations/countries display a lower development than developed countries in areas such as industrialization and human capital; developed countries are characterized by a low…

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