Differences Between College Students With Grits And A College Student

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There are many comparisons and contrasts between a college student with grits and a college student who does not have grits. There are many differences between a college student with and without grits. There are not many similarities between these two college students. A college student with grits is more likely to achieve their mindset goals. A college student without grits is more likely to not have as much knowledge as a person with grits. If I had to choose whether to have grits or to be without grits, I would choose to have grits. Having grits will help me to succeed throughout college and in real life situations. If I do not have grits, I will not be able to accomplish anything throughout my career because I will be lacking knowledge. A college student with grits in more likely to choose his or her goals; furthermore, they study really hard to make progress in their school assignments. College students with grits stay more focused and motivated to do their work in college. A college student with grits is very intelligent, and the student advances in his or her college courses. Students with grits are very determined and do not procrastinate in getting their work finished. They inherit a stable trait from a family member to have grits and knowledge. When learning, these students prefer immediate and positive feedback about their work, so they can get started with their assignment. They take their time with doing activities the correct way, and they also…

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