Differences Between Civilization And Africa Civilization Essay

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World civilization
Civilization is defined as the process in which societies or region reaches a certain stage in development. These developments take place in politics, economic, culture and arts. Different societies or regions get civilized in different ways. Civilization in most cases depends on the influence of others in terms of culture and economics leading to a shift of mode of operation of the societies. Civilization can be viewed to be a way of changing peoples of ways of living to accommodate changes. Comparing civilization which took place in Africa and America before 1500 several similarities and differences can be noted in key areas of civilization.
Comparison between America civilization and Africa civilization
Most kingdoms developed in Africa due to the existence of trade especially trans-Saharan trade. The major kingdom includes Ghana, Songhai, and Mali. The kingdom existence was to control the market and provide safety for the traders. The Ghana Kingdom, for example, owes its existence to solid agricultural base with accumulated wealth from the trade of gold due to its locality. Its major trade item was gold, and the government took the full control of the amount of gold and the tax levied. The revenue collected from the trade was used to support the government and sizeable army. The king received tributes from other small states in the form of goods. However, in America major people who had a great history…

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