Differences Between Cinderella And Cinderella

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Fairy tales are full of fantasies of romance and magic, which in reality aren’t possible, however, one can dream. Walt Disney’s film Cinderella, and the Brothers Grimm story, Aschenputtel (Cinderella), both tell the tale of a young maiden who loses everything, except her dignity, which results in her sadly becoming a servant to her evil stepmother and sisters, but eventually she finds her prince charming, living happily ever after. Although these two stories seem alike, they are each told differently. The Brothers Grimm version, in which Walt Disney based his film off of, was mainly written for adults, due to certain gruesome scenes too harsh and graphic for children. As a result of this, changes were made by Disney, making the story friendlier …show more content…
Fairy Godmother happens to be the only character that isn’t in the Grimm version but in the Disney one. Instead, the brothers Grimm made the “magical helper” a magic tree and enchanted birds. The whole ideal of Disney is for everything to have a magical factor. So, it was an obvious reason why Walt Disney decided to change this major role in the film. Without her there also wouldn’t have been the beautiful coach and of course, Cinderella’s outstanding blue dress and unique glass slippers. The main difference between the Disney and Grimm’s version is the slipper. The Brothers Grimm’s slipper was a lovely golden, while Disney on the other hand had the outstanding idea to change the slipper to glass, making it stand out more to the viewers and have a larger meaning to the tale. The Fairy godmother also teaches the lesson that being kind to others has its …show more content…
The Brothers Grimm version has Cinderella falling in love with the prince during a three-day festival. Although, the setting is quite similar. The prince finds himself in love with the girl with her missing gold shoe. In the Disney film Cinderella meets the prince for one night at the ball, the most important setting in the film. She had to quickly leave the prince, losing her glass slipper, due to the spell that breaks at midnight that fairy godmother had given her. The prince then searches all over the kingdom for the one maiden whose foot is the perfect fit for the lost slipper. When Cinderella is eventually found, they return to the Kingdom where they our married and live happily ever after. I believe Walt Disney changed the story from the three-day festival to the one-night ball because the children watching would ultimately get tired of the same story of Cinderella dancing with the prince three nights in a row. Walt shortened the Brothers Grimm story to keep the children more intrigued.
The story of the Cinderella is one of the most beloved Disney princess tales. It teaches young girls that dreams can come true and introduces the significance of rags to riches. Walt Disney made their interpretation of Cinderella, cutting out specific parts of the Brothers Grimm folk tale, Aschenputtel, that were too gruesome for children. The moral of the two versions of Cinderella is to always be kind

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