Differences Between Christianity And Islam Essay

1352 Words Nov 9th, 2015 6 Pages
The medieval Western world was a world filled with awe and wonder. These civilizations are interesting to us because they are so different to us. The way the members of the medieval West lived out their daily lives was quite different to how we live our lives today. Two notable medieval civilizations are the medieval Christians and the medieval Muslims. These civilizations are so well known because of the impact that they had on Western civilization. Not only that, but both civilizations have brought about the two largest religions/cultures in the world: Christianity and Islam. Due to the fact that both Christianity and Islam emerged around the same time, it is interesting to see how the two cultures were alike and different in regards to how they lived out different aspects of live. This paper will compare and contrast the attitude of the medieval Christians and medieval Muslims toward the intellectual and cultural inheritance of the classical world. Both Christianity and Islam have similar beginnings. The key similarity between the two is the fact that both Christianity and Islam are founded by central figures: Jesus and Muhammad, respectively. Both Jesus and Muhammad are believed by their followers to be sent by God to lead people toward a life of piety. Also, both religions share some of the same religious figures, such as Abraham, David, etc. However, these religions differ in regards to their theology. Christians believe Jesus to be God in human form, whereas…

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