Essay on Differences Between Christianity And Islam

1419 Words Nov 8th, 2016 6 Pages
Julia Hanson
Mrs. Trahan
English 10, Period 1
9 November 2016
Christianity and Islam Throughout time, different civilizations have developed their own religious beliefs and practices. The two most influential in worldwide society are Christianity and Islam. These religions are similar and different in many aspects, which helped them to become the two most widely spread religions today. Even though Islam is only the second largest religion in the world, without it, our world would not be the same. Islam was founded by the prophet Muhammed around 622 C.E. in the Arabian Peninsula. Like other religions, it slowly began to spread, but Islam had a much different approach to spread: conquest. The Arabian-Islamic people made a strong military, conquered the lands of Arabia, and converted their new subjects to Islam. Other distant places they conquered were central and Southeast Asia, parts of northern Africa, Anatolia, and India. Another, more civilized method of spread and conversion was with scholars. The ulama spread the teachings of Muhammed orally in mosques and colleges, called madrassas. These teaching missionaries helped Islam spread to Indonesia and West Africa. Overall, the Islamic faith brought together a diverse group of nomads in Arabia, and as it spread, it brought together a worldwide community of Muslims. The main focus of the Islamic faith is on its founder, Muhammad, and the one creator deity, Allah, who revealed himself through Muhammad. They…

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