Differences Between Chinese And Western Education Essay

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Differences Between Chinese and Western Education Recent attempts to introduce cooperative learning (CL) into English as Foreign Language (EFL) teaching in China have aroused a great deal of comments and debates. Whereas some have emphasized the value of adopting CL in China (e.g. Aibin, 2009; Lee Hui, 2009), others have noted the importance of Chinese traditional education (e.g. Harvey, 1985; Ting, 1987; Sampson, 1990). Why is "the implementation of the cooperative learning" in China so frustrating? Differences between Chinese and American culture is the cause, one of the most important reasons of Sino-Us cooperative learning differences. Different cultures bring different forms of education. According to Slavin (2006), culture refers to the shared norms, traditions, behaviors, language, and perceptions of a group. When comparing China and America, the relationship between culture and education can be evaluated further. The cultural values of the United States promote an educational system that entails more than just traditional education. There are numerous programs that the U.S. have that other schools don’t have. Broadly, we can generalize the difference between U.S and China from the following perspectives: Teaching methods, the relationship between teachers and students, teaching content, and students’ characteristics. Different teaching methods. Chinese teachers use traditional teacher-centered teaching methods (Zhang, 2012). Chinese teachers always…

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