Essay on Differences Between Britain And The United Kingdom

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There are many similarities and differences between the two prominent far-right parties in France and the United Kingdom. Immigration reform, Euroscepticism, long-term leadership, and dramatic recent European Parliamentary election success are the most significant ties between the two, and foreign relations, success in local elections, election structure, and historical background being the most significant differences. Who their supporters are and what the parties are pushing link the two as well, however that remains so in most parties that consider themselves far-right. All of these factors that compare the similarities and differences in the two parties are the reasons why they have been successful, each in their own way but in recent elections, in a mainly similar way. The background of the French far-right party, Front National (FN), dates back to the 1970’s; whereas the United Kingdom’s party, United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) only got started in 1991. (Shields p.169)(Ford & Goodwin p.21) This is significant because there has been a major change in policy prioritization and platform for the FN, while UKIP has been mostly consistent throughout their duration. Founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen, the FN originally started against communism which is a very different birthplace than starting out against immigration and the EU, which they did eventually shift to. (Declair p.38) Founded by Alan Sked, UKIP originated as a single-issue party; being Eurosceptic or wanting…

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