Essay about Differences Between Boys And Girls

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Childhood development is such an intriguing topic, no two children are the same, so no two children will grow or develop the same making every case different. It amazes me at the similarities and differences in each child, similarities in both boys and girls. In my group setting I saw about 65-75 kids mixed of boys and girls. Within the first fifteen minutes of each class I was able to pick out what students were at the top of the classes, what students were at the bottom of classes, and who was mature and who was not mature.
I chose to observe children ages seven to ages fourteen in my study, in my opinion these ages are where students peak the most. I feel this is an age group where they are still eager to learn and willing to try new things. As said by one teacher interviewed this is one of the easiest ages to impact, you can either lead them to love school, and learning new things, or you can lead them to hate learning, and anything and everything to do with it. This type of thing amazed me, I love the idea of being such a positive impact on a child’s life. I will be honest from the beginning of this study, I was the girl who was always left out because I was a tomboy. The girls wouldn’t play baseball with me but the guys wouldn’t either all because I was a girl or no one wanted the girl on their team. I played college softball for two years, and looking back I am glad they never did. But as a little kid who wouldn’t get their feelings hurt when no one world play with…

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