Differences Between Book And Movie Essay

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Divergent, along with many other books, has been made into a film. Along with this transition from book to movie, changes were made for theatrical effect and with a time cap. Divergent the book was published April 2011 and the movie was released March 2014. This paper does contain spoilers of the movie and book. Divergent the book is about a dystopian society set in Chicago. They have a government system that separates people through five factions: Dauntless, Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, and Amity. These factions are what the government thinks will keep peace in their society. They believe by taking the aptitude test that each individual will be placed in the right faction for them. Based on the title, we find there is one that’s never talked about and that’s Divergent. A Divergent is someone who symbolizes all the factions, which scares the government. Differences between the book and the movie are characters not being mentioned in the movie that were mentioned in the book. Character traits were changed; for example Peter was mean from the start and in the movie he was seen as a jokester then turned mean. Jeanine in the movie has a connection with Tris but in the book their relationship wasn’t shown. Jeanine was just known for plotting something crucial. In the book Tris’ mother came to see her on family day, but in the movie she had to sneak around to visit with Tris. In the final scene of the movie Tris and Four battle Jeanine to shut down the system so that…

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