Differences Between An Associate And Baccalaureate Nurse Essay

1157 Words Aug 9th, 2015 5 Pages
This is a study outlining the differences in competencies between the nursing prepared associate degrees in Nursing versus a prepared Baccalaureate degree in nursing. In this study areas of differences in practice and reasons why it is important for associate’s degree in nursing to achieve a Baccalaureate degree will be outline. Writer will create a picture of the prepared associate degree in nursing and Baccalaureate in their different scope of practice, the positions held in the field of nursing, pay scales and job markets. Writer will explain the educational preparation background between an associate degree in nursing and the Baccalaureate. A scenario to show the differences between an associate and Baccalaureate nurse will also be explained by the writer. Writer will begin a theory of differences between an associate and Baccalaureate prepared nursing practice. Nursing as a whole started with no education requirement in the past. History of nursing gave us an understanding of how nursing started as a voluntary act and changes to a job for low class people and how Florence Nightingale helped to make is a recognized profession. Nursing was trained by hospitals a start and three years of diploma of nursing was initiated. According to (conception of nursing profession) in 1946, Congress passed a bill for nursing and in 1950, and entry level Baccalaureate in nursing program was open to high school graduated throughout the nation. Many colleges started undergraduate degree…

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