Differences Between a Land-Line vs Cellular Phone Essay

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Unit 1 Lab: Landline vs Cellular Debate
Technology has changed the world as we know it. There is a great debate that is up for discussions when it comes to whether or not mobile devices can be uses as the only source of communication. Some say just “cut the cord” but before you do you sure you completely understand the affects that come as a result of your new decision. The truth of the matter is that this decision all depends on the type of lifestyle that you have. There are pros to a landline as well as having a mobile device. In this paper I will discuss some of the pros and some cons of each. I will also give my opinion to how a Skype style organization should go with a fixed line or a cellular solution to this debate. So Cut
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So We Don’t to Cut the Cord
Some people who aren’t as savvy with technology may be quite reluctant to go mobile. Their option to keep the landline also has many pros. Landlines are reliable and they have been around. Landlines work even when the power is out. They are great to have even if you don’t have a phone line service at all because most emergency services will allow emergency connection. The phone line has a stable location. The cost is cheap for a stripped phone services. If you aren’t using Wi-Fi, text messages, and making long distance calls. With a landline you can reach anyone that lives in a particular household. Less malfunctions and you don’t have to worry about it being stolen. Your information is more private when it comes to having it on some Wi Fi network.
The downside is that you can’t keep your same phone number if you move out of state. You might get more telemarking calls. Your phone number is public unless you specify that you don’t want it to be. The cost can be higher the more features that you add to it. But overall if you are a minimalist the negatives don’t outweigh the positives of security & stability.
For an organization like Skype I would use combination of landline and cellular setup. In my physical offices I would need a few phone lines just for in case the wireless world is down and to contact my consumers and employees. Phone lines also will allow me to be able to use other sources of internet

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