Essay about Differences Between A Club And Athletic Director

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When looking at various sporting teams or clubs everyone is familiar with the players, and the coaches, but few rarely know the president or owner of the team, the general manager or athletic director. In which all these different roles of sports management are essential for the successfulness of the faces you do see on the regular. The president or owner of a club or team financially owns the club. There are many teams and clubs that have multiple owner that share a percentage of ownership in the team. The general manager and athletic director act in the same capacity but with different teams, sports and clubs. Athletic directors typically work with a group of teams such as an athletic director for a high school, or college. General Managers work more with clubs and team, a general manager of a football team for example, only deals with operations of the football team only. Although they both work with daily operations, the interactions with other personnel differ. In this paper, I will examine the similarities and differences between a club president of a team, a general manager, and an athletic director. When thinking about the club president of a team, one can relate that in the business world as the CEO. The head of the business, the role that is at the top in which the person holding that position usually does not spend much time with the lower personnel because of the major responsibilities, duties, and choices that must be made. In comparison to a general manager…

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