Differences And Similarities Between High School And College

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School in general is very important and must be taken serious. It gives people the knowledge that they need to succeed in this world. It shapes young souls into becoming the adult they want to be. High schools and Colleges are the final steps that help people define their career choices. Many people compare High Schools and colleges to each other. High schools and colleges have many similarities and differences.
Beginning with the similarities, the first similarity is homework. Homework is very important when it comes to school such as high school and college. If the students don’t do their homework it will cause them to lose points, thus lowering their grade. Although homework is very important to do, so are exams and quizzes. In high
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In high school the students do not have as much responsibility as college students do. For example, In College the students are responsible for registering themselves into school and enrolling themselves into classes before they all get taken. If they forget to enroll, then they must wait till next semester to get the classes they need. In addition, in college the professors are not on top of the students, it is the student’s responsibility to ask all questions they need and keep track of their grades and work. Students should not depend on the professor on anything other than the lectures they give them. In high school the students do not have to worry about that. In high school they usually get registered by their parents and once they are registered the system automatically creates a schedule for every student in the school for all four years. In which they don’t have to worry about forgetting to enroll in the classes they need before they get filled up. In high school the teachers are on the students, if they don’t turn in an assignment, do bad on a test or miss class they will advise them about the …show more content…
In high school they have a limited amount of food options. The students are not allowed to leave campus for lunch, therefore limiting their food options. In college the students have an unlimited amount of food options, due to the fact that they are allowed to leave campus. Now continuing on with textbooks. In high school students don’t have to pay for their textbooks, unless they lose them, the school provides them with the books they need. Although they are provided with the textbooks they are not allowed to keep them. The students must return every text book that were lend to them by the school at the end of every school year. In college the students are not provided with text book, instead they must buy the books they are required to have. Once they buy the book it is theirs to keep, in which they can sell to others in need of it. Finally attendance, in high school attendance is very important. If a student is absent then the front office will be notified. In high school if a student is absent after a certain amount of times the office will call home and investigate the reason for why that student has not been attending class. In other hands in college attendance is not taken as serious as it is in high school. If a student is absent the only one that will know is the teacher, it will not be sent to the front office. After three unexcused absences the professor is allowed to drop the student from the

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