Differences And Similarities Between Ancient Greek And Ancient Rome

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Ancient Greek and Ancient Rome have left a permanent mark in history. While often confused because of the similarities however different in a lot of ways. Between the two nations, they are many different political statuses, beliefs, mythology, women rights and education apparently each country mocks each other in many ways, but yet are very different.
Ancient Greece was the birthplace of democracy as in Roman was a republic government. Between each nation, both male children in their teens became citizens. Each country had slaves, freedmen, and citizens, although the Greeks had Metics and the Romans had Plebeians. The Greeks believed in meeting in a group and making decisions, whereas the Roman society, the aristocrats were known as patricians
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Those are just a few of the Greek gods and Roman equivalents, showing that the Romans had adopted the Greeks religion but change their names. However, there is one exception was the god of music and, medicine both have the same name for him Apollo with the same spelling. Greeks focused on the here and now is where the Romans believed that became the perfect role model that they could become gods in the afterlife. It thought that both cultures participated in blood sacrifices, however, the Roman of animals, but not killing and the Romans were highly public in blood sacrifice killing. The similarities show that much of what Rome assimilated Reading into their civilizations adopted from the Greek civilization and why some confuse the two nations. in on mythology will find different but similar stories of gods or about the family they had. Names were different from Greek to Roman, but all tales mostly had the same …show more content…
They are many different levels political statuses, beliefs, mythology, women rights and education. By the similarities and difference that is clear that they mock each other in many ways but are very different. Romans picked and decided what they fancied from the Greek but chose to keep some things the same that worked for them. Greeks democratic government system worked for them although Romans republic government suited them well. I can see why some might confuse one or the other; the majority of both histories are

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