Beowulf And Batman Comparison Essay

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Hero. The first thing that one thinks of when they hear the word is most likely a person with the superhuman abilities of being able to fly, read minds, or easily crush anything in their path. While, most heroes do not possess all of these traits, they do exhibit some. In Beowulf by unknown, the main character, Beowulf, is a great hero to the Danes. He demonstrates his heroic qualities when he defeats a strong monster named Grendel with just his bare hands and saves the Danes from more pain and heartache. Another example of a hero is Batman. Batman’s strength shines through when he defeats Bane, a strong villain that killed and harmed many people throughout Gotham City. Beowulf and Batman have many similarities and differences, like their in characteristics which include bravery, strength, the way they believe is the most honorable way to fight and intelligence, in the type of evil that they try to get rid of which include both vengeful and psychotic evil, and in what they must overcome to defeat their enemy. All heroes must overcome obstacles to defeat their enemies, as it is never going to be easy to overtake someone that is powerful enough …show more content…
Both were superheroes that wanted to save people from heartache and cities from destruction. They also needed to fight against psychotic and vengeful evil, and overcome obstacles that were consistently thrown their way. They were also pretty different from each other because of the fact that Beowulf has super strength, while Batman does not actually have any superpower. Also, Beowulf would often kill his enemies with no problem, however Batman did not actually believe in killing his enemies, and only killed very few. The differences and similarities in superheroes can help people to see what the differences and similarities are between people in real life. It can help one distinguish who they are, what they stand for, and who they eventually want to

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