Persuasive Essay On Individual Sports Vs. Team Sports

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Emily Pugh
Mrs. Mlekodaj
Comp 1010
1 March 2017
Individual Sports versus Team Sports Is a person a better competitor when they play an individual sport or team sport? Individual sports encompass self-reliance, self-motivation, and responsibility. Examples of individual sports include: swimming, gymnastics, and boxing. On the other hand, team sports consist of a joint effort, players holding each other back, and owning up to the mistakes as a team. Examples of team sports include: basketball, baseball, and football. The biggest difference between an individual sport and a team sport is how the athlete is motivated, which leads to the lessons taught, scholarships offered, exercise required, and competitiveness. One can find multiple sports
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Members on a sports team rely on each other during competition to do well. The team is as strong as its weakest player; the accomplishments of the team is determined by the joint effort of each member. The lack of development of an athlete can negatively impact the team. Playing on a sports team means that all the teammates have to be there to practice. As mistakes are made on a sports team, it is very easy for the members to start blaming each other, but the responsibility should be taken as a whole team. Motivation becomes very easy when one is on a sports team. Each member of the team is partly responsible in motivating each other. On a sports team, the coach is responsible for scheduling practices and competitions. The responsibility of an athlete on a sports team is not as great as an athlete who plays an individual sport. Individual sports and team sports are equal when it comes to the lessons taught. Both types of sports can teach how to socially interact with others and how success requires hard work. Playing any type of sport can lead to receiving a scholarship. Many athletes receive scholarships playing on a sports team in the same way that athletes receive scholarships playing an individual sport. Many athletes start at a young age and work hard their whole life to be awarded a scholarship. In addition to potentially awarding a scholarship, both types

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