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“Difference of workload for women in urban and rural setup”

A woman works a lot and has many duties in rural and urban areas, but the performance of her duties and chores is different in both setups.

In rural areas, a woman gets up early in the morning, and starts her day by feeding the pet animals and getting the milk. Then she prepares the breakfast for her family, and get her children for school and the help the head male of the family to take breakfast and go to the fields for work. After that she starts cleaning her home and then go to the fields to help her male members of the family in the fields, never getting any-mid break, she returns home to prepare lunch and send it for the males to the fields and receive her
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The workload for women of rural and urban areas varies, but both work hard for the sake of her family, and contribute economically as well to make a happy family.

But the women of urban areas are privileged in the sense, because they are educated and aware of their rights, the male of the family pay respect and appreciate their contribution for the family and help them in their daily chores and look after their health and happiness.

Whereas the women of the rural areas are unaware of their rights, they are never treated as equal humans by their male members. Their hard work is never appreciated and their house holding is never considered a hard work by their family members, they never get help in house holding nor ever any appreciation for their economical contribution and work in the fields, all their hard work is taken for granted and they never get any health facilities and always treated as slaves, born for working and serving men.

Apart from the treatment of the women by the men, the women in both setup work hard and their workload is different, but the purpose is same, and that is making a better family and

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